Russian Dating

Russian Women Dating

Russian women are known for their beauty and intelligence. And it shows. Many western men who has started dating these women cannot turn back to any western women after that event. Apart from being beautiful creatures, Russian (and also Ukrainian) women know how to act like a real woman and to please a man. They treat their boyfriend or husband very well.

As the average quality of the Russian man is not very high, many Russian women seek companionship elsewhere. While some of their countrymen are good marriage material, there are not enough to satisfy all Russian women, and many of these women stay (involuntarily) single in their 20s and 30s. Therefore it is a great dating market for the western man.

Here is an overview of the best datingsites to meet Russian (and Ukrainian) women:

Online dating is very common in Russia and many single women use it to find a partner. Some websites are specific tailored for matchmaking between western men and Russian women. Obviously these are the kind of websites you should subscribe to, as the women on these website clearly are looking for a western man to date. Apart from that, the women on these website will speak on average reasonable to very good English, in contrast to the Russian dating websites, where most women can only speak Russian.

We qualified the Russian dating website on multiple parameters. The factors taken into consideration are:

– Success rate (the percentage of Western men that find a successful date)

– Quality of the women (obviously, better quality of women gives a higher ranking)

– Usability (how easy is the website in use?)

– Costs (how expensive is it to use the website?)

– Trustworthiness (the degree the website and its profiles are valid and how secure you information is)

You can freely apply to all of these websites, although for most you will need a membership in order to be able to send messages.